Passion of Creativity Are One In The Most Beautiful Way

Welcome, Everyone!

I wanted to start by saying thank you for have a look around and getting to know more about my products and where it all began.

Ambrosia's Treasures is a unique combination of a passion and desire to have products made from wholesome and local ingredients, and sharing them with friends and family.

I have a strong belief our bodies can heal themselves when given the proper nutrition when artificial ingredients are not present. Learning more about essential oils and ways toxins affect one's ability to achieve the highest level of optimal health intrigued me. Yes, each 'body' is different and may require different things, but there's a common thread when you give your body what it needs it will flourish.

I used to buy my soaps, lip balms, and bath bombs from Lush or the Body Shop, thinking they I was buying the best thing ever. Whether you still do or not is not the point. For me, it was the overpowering aromas and questioning the ingredients that stopped by shopping days with them.

Of all my products, maybe 5% of them have fragrance oils in them, and those present are Phthalate & Paraben-free. My colors come from clays, botanicals, oxides, and some micas.

My products are lightly scented or left unscented all together because of feedback from customers. I prefer the natural, earth-tones to the fluorescents often seen with other makers.

When I make, I have both you and myself in mind! The meaning is I will not provide my customers with artificial ingredients in my soaps and other creations because it is how I shop for myself.

Did you know what you put on your skin is absorbed in seconds? Whether that be makeup, lotion, soap, or soaking in the tub with your favorite bath bombs or bath milk.

Often I will research how others are making similar items than brainstorm out of the box possibilities to the things I want to replace. This process has created remarkable results like our Coconut Milk & Coffee or Wine & Roses soap bars.