Giving Back

We proudly support causes that are near and dear to our hearts because we believe it's important to give back and make the heart smile.

I volunteered for two years with a local wildlife conservation & rehabilitation center and have always had a strong connection and desire to be a part of their protection. My first trip to Costa Rica, I received an amazing gift, witnessing baby Leather-back turtles being released, amplifying my desire to get involved in some way to protect their habitat and the lives of all wildlife. For me, the loveliest of all is the Sea Turtle!
Did you know that Leather-back turtles do not live exclusively in the tropics? Canadian Pacific waters in British Columbia, Canada, are part of the Western Pacific population. They migrate long distances (up to 15,000 km) from the Indo-Pacific nesting beaches, to forage on jellyfish and other gelatinous prey species. It is believed they have been around for about 100 - 150 million years and over the last recent years, the Pacific Leather-back Sea Turtle population has shown declines of up to 95%.

Leather-back Turtles are Critically Endangered and are on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List.



Avery's Legacy was started by two brave parents in memory of this beautiful little girl. Avery's Legacy recognizes and honors the meaningful and supportive work done by our fellow bereaved families.

''Grieving the loss of a child is unspeakable. There are truly no words to describe how a parent feels when their child dies. For us, the support of those who truly understand continues to be so important in our healing process.'' 

We empower individuals, organizations and communities to break the cycle of domestic violence by curating environments to heal and develop competencies to lead safe, healthy lives. Sagesse delivers programs and services directly or in partnership with other organizations. We have over 50 partner agencies across Alberta, enabling us to reach as many individuals, communities and organizations as possible. 

Ambrosia's Treasures has provided some unique silent auction items over the past two years, showcasing a variety of our talents, while helping raise awareness of an issue that affects both men and women. Each November, which is Family Domestic Violence Awareness Month, communities help raise awareness and prevent family violence by organizing public events and activities, like 'Eat, Play, Love'. All proceeds from this event go directly to Sagesse and their labor of love.

"Eat Play Love Fundraiser" is a one-of-a-kind experience, designed to inspire and revitalize - nourishing mind, body, and soul. Eat Play Love provides an afternoon of indulgence, intended for guests to feel good, both inside and out."