Q: Why does Ambrosia's Treasures support wildlife conservation? 

A: For two years I was blessed to be part of a local wildlife conservation & rehabilitation center and the best part was seeing the animals released! I have always felt a connection to them, especially sea turtles and believe we need to do our part to help protect the things that we love.

Q: What makes Ambrosia's Treasures different?

A: Transparency: We share with you all the ingredients that are in our products and safety protocols. Forward Thinking: We use food, drink and botanicals to colour and scent our products. When possible, using locally produced ingredients.  Minimalist: We use 96% recyclable packaging and plan to one day make that 100%!

Q: Are our soaps vegan? 

A: About half of our soap recipes are vegan however, we also see the value beeswax offers to our skin and is an ingredient in a small collection of our soaps.

Q: Essential Oils & Are They Safe?

A: Essential Oils can be beneficial and safe for all when safety guidelines are followed. Keep in mind, no two essential oils are created equally and is why we provide safety guidelines for our spa collections. 80-90% of the essential oils used are 100% pure therapeutic oils and many have specific safety guidelines we share in our product descriptions. When using any fragrance or plant essence, we intentionally do not over scent our product.  We also have unscented spa options.

Q: Is your name Ambrosia?

A: Hi my name is Dionne, it's great to meet you! We came up with Ambrosia's Treasures because Ambrosia represents the food or drink of the Gods, the purest humans can receive. We strive to provide products made with the highest quality of local and/or Canadian ingredients. The addition of 'Treasures', because it would be out of character to focus on one product such as soap. We develop a range of Treasures fit for everyone!

Q: How did you get started?

A: In 2014 I was introduced to a health and wellness line that was not only improving my health, but was also opening my eyes to ingredients I was putting in my body every day. A realization that what we ate was as important as what we are feeding our skin, became a desire to share this knowledge with family and friends. The first product I developed was our mini bath bombs, using 100% pure essential oils and no artificial colours. Creativity has taken control leading to a variety of items for you to enjoy!

Q: What is your shipping policy and do you accept refunds?

A: Presently, we ship to both Canada and the United States Canada Post where you will be provided a tracking number at checkout. Due to the nature of these personal care products, we do not accept returns, nor provide refunds. We provide all the ingredients for each item so please read through carefully before adding to your cart. If you experience any issues with your order please reach out and allow us to make it right.