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What you put in your body is as important to us as what we put on our skin


"I believe we all deserve the choice to have clean and safe products to nourish our skin with natural ingredients, instead of artificial fillers." ~ Dionne Williams, Owner

In the search for chemical-free spa products made with wholesome and local ingredients, I realized there were limited options and decided to make my own. It only takes seconds for the skin to absorb what you put on it, so why not start with skin-loving ingredients. For this reason, I have become very picky on what I use and what is left out of my formulation.

was introduced to essential oils 2014 which also led to exploring more about what the box store products I once used that were marked as safe and eco conscience. Eye-opener was they didn't all fall in line with my values of successfully finding clean safe and ecofriendly products that won't make me sick.

This desire to create and share products that are of the highest quality led to naming my company Ambrosia's Treasures. The name Ambrosia loosely translates to the food or drink of the Gods from Greek Mythology who deserve only the purest ingredients. And from Dionysus, the Goddess of wine, a happy coincidence!

I began by developing bath bombs with essential oils for family, friends, and myself. Being a highly creative individual, I have expanded into other bath and body products and now include wine accessories.
My passion for you is to provide peace of mind that what you are sharing with your loved ones is truly safe because they
were created with the safety of my own family in mind.

Involvement with local and global causes including Sagesse's Eat Play Love Fundraiser, Avery's Legacy & Sea Turtle Conservation is particularly important to me. Before I got started with my dream Ambrosia's Treasures, I was volunteering in a wildlife conservation center. Even as a kid I had a strong love of wildlife and this was the opportunity for hands on experience and how it is connected to Ambrosia's Treasures.

The greatest gift of this adventure was with our wildlife ambassador, a beautiful red-tailed hawk, sitting on my arm and releasing these patients back to their home. Now using my experience and knowledge to create a beauty routine fit for a Goddess because you're worth it. 

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