Passion of Creativity Are One In The Most Beautiful Way

Welcome, Everyone!I wanted to start by saying thank you for have a look around and getting to know more about my products and where it all began.Ambrosia's Treasures is a unique combination of a passion and desire to have products made from wholesome and local ingredients, and sharing them with friends and family.I have a strong belief our bodies can heal themselves when given the proper nutrition when artificial ingredients are not present. Learning more about essential oils and ways toxins affect one's ability to achieve the highest level of optimal health intrigued me. Yes, each 'body' is different and...

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Shipping Changes Due to Covid-19

We hope you're staying safe out there! With all of the changes COVID-19 has brought over the last month or so, I just wanted to let you know what this means for our little online business. Because of our online shop and the fact we manufacture from home, we're chugging along as business as usual over here. Health Canada has not imposed any restrictions on manufacturing for cosmetics businesses, and we're still able to ship from our home, so life goes on. If you're ready to stock up on soaps that won't strip all the moisture from your skin haha,...

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