Natural | Unique | Clean | Handcrafted
'What you put in your body is as important to us as what we put on our skin'

  'I believe we all deserve the choice to have clean and safe products that nourish the skin with natural ingredients, instead of artificial fillers.' 

  In the search for chemical-free spa products made with wholesome and local ingredients, we began making our own. We began creating our own spa products as we learned what other well-known companies use in their makeup and spa products. It only takes seconds for the skin to absorb what you put on it, so why not start with skin-loving ingredients. 

  Eye-opening discoveries ultimately led to the creation of Ambrosia's Treasures in 2016. The name loosely translates to the food or drink of the Gods from Greek Mythology. 'Only the purest of ingredients will do.' And from Dionysus, the Goddess of wine, a 'happy coincidence!' We also have some wine-inspired gift ideas. 

  Ambrosia's Treasures proudly support local causes like Sagesse's Eat Play Love Fundraiser, Avery's Legacy & Sea Turtle Conservation.

  We make our products in small batches, handcrafted using local, and supporting local Canadian producers where possible.

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